What We Deliver

Our clinical process outsourcing division provides medical coding, physician education and auditing services to healthcare institutions and entities across the United States. Goodwin is an affiliate of Career First Institute, one of the largest private recruitment and placement companies in the Philippines. Additionally, it is a subsidiary of international information and financial services company Eli Global, which is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, and has investments in insurance, healthcare tools and technology, media, to mention a few.

Goodwin provides its clients remote medical coding services, as well as auditing and review services, for either short or long term agreement. This is how a coding job at Goodwin usually goes:

(1) A client outsources medical coding demands to Goodwin where a pool of certified specialists carry out coding processes remotely – meaning at a facility other than the doctor’s office, hospital or treatment establishment.

(2) Simultaneously, another team of coding auditors manage quality control and make sure the coder’s output meets market standards.

(3) Only after quality assurance are the charts – duly coded – sent back to the client for claims submission.


Some coders work from hospitals, physician offices or surgery centers. Many, however, work from home. Outsourcing medical coding work to Goodwin gives clients many advantages, such as:

(1) Utilizing Goodwin’s medical coding services automatically opens clients to an extended network of professional coders outside of their immediate geographic location. This means that the talent Goodwin can tap will not be limited to only a certain area.

(2) Clients can cut costs in terms of employment related expenses since they will not be responsible to provide benefits and cover payroll taxes for regular employees. In the same way, hospital clients can stop worrying about paying for medical coders to come to their locations (including flights, hotels, meals, etc.). Clients can just concentrate on getting the claims submitted and reimbursed properly, while Goodwin takes care of coding and staffing.

(3) Coding jobs are carried out 24/7, all days of the week because remote coders can work unconventional hours. Compared to in-house coding where services are limited to when the company is open, remote coding means coders are flexible to work on their own time. And because they have a good balance of their professional and personal lives, they may render increased productivity and versatility.

(4) Goodwin also provides specialty coding – as needed – by allocating jobs to coders by specialization. For example, Goodwin can service a hospital by having coders working remotely and specializing in ED charts, radiology, same-day surgery, etc.

(5) Overall, utilizing Goodwin remote coding services call for minimal investment from clients. A company can focus on providing what it does best: quality health care. Meanwhile, Goodwin ensures that coders are qualified to get the coding jobs done on time. A client’s backlog is resolved by working on weekend and holiday hours.

Our Very Own Special Breed of Coders

Goodwin is highly responsive and will provide the best talents to support a client’s medical coding needs. The company is also known for its highly skilled team of remote professional coders – duly certified and motivated to meet the challenges. Our coders’ line of specialty includes, but not limited to: Physician Coding – Diagnostic Radiology – Same-day Surgery – GI Procedures – Urology – General Surgery – Internal Medicine – Anesthesiology/Anesthesia – Pathology – ICD-10-CM Coding – HCPCS coding


Our remote coding services cater to a growing list of clients that belong to:

• Outpatient clinics

• Private practices of different specialties

• Independent physicians

We value commitment from our network of certified coders. They may be freelancers, but they’re not just any goody-two-shoes freelancers. We see to it that each talent that comes into our system is screened at a very rigorous and deep level – an aspect that is missing from many freelance talent pools. As a result, more screening leads to more competence and reliability for clients.