Wide-ranging, industry-tested courses better prepare would-be medical coders.

Currently, the US healthcare market experiences a continuous 20%-30% shortage of medical coders. Now that the medical classification system ICD-10 has been implemented in the country, the deficiency is expected to reach 50%.

The favorable effect this deficiency brings manifests itself on the Philippine labor sector since the country has been one of the most reliable providers of medical coding services to the US.

To keep up with this serious issue, Career First Institute is beginning its second quarter season with the unveiling of Acceler8, a blended training program on medical coding offered at reduced-cost for public or private classes.

What singles out Career First among other training providers is that it purposefully creates “points of entry” to medical coding education for individuals and distance learners of all university backgrounds, abilities and means. The company also provides intensive, methodic training for students pursuing coding as a career at apprentice or professional level.

In fact, the courses are suitable for healthcare professionals looking to invest in their continuing education and those whose eyes are on making a career transition. Continuing education can open up previously closed doors or lead to better job opportunities as it increases one’s marketability in the job market.

Debuting this Q2 season is the company’s Acceler8 program – a medical coding certification virtual blended course that runs for 60 days, which combines self-paced online and classroom-type learning.

In this program, the trainee will undergo a 300-hour intensive training on the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) certification course, eighty hours of which will be allotted for student-instructor encounters. These scheduled encounters – also called coaching sessions – are carried out to supervise training progress and discuss modules, and can be done either face-to-face or facecam.

The rest of the time (220 hours) will be spent on self-studying educational modules that can be accessed online. The multimedia content is accessible via mobile technology allowing for 24/7 anytime, anywhere learning.

Through the expansion of its curriculum to an online platform and its certification program, Career First reinforces its leadership role on its effort to professionalize the medical coding sector, not just in the National Capital Region but in key cities throughout the country.

“This promises to be a tremendous second half at Career First. We stay committed to building strong minds, dedicated clinical process specialists. This is put into action in our classrooms and lecture sessions throughout the course,” says Coding Education Business Manager Charmaine Fernandez.

“Rest assured, our graduates have met our rigorous evaluation criteria, which only means that they are most prepared and sought after medical coders when they move on to find their place in the job market,” she adds.

Another option offered for distance learners who are looking for a slower-paced, self-supporting training package is the 4-month long coding certification course where learning runs fully online and trainees progress through the whole curriculum at their own time without an instructor using various educational modules.

To discover more about Acceler8 and its curriculum, visit www.careerfirstinstitute.com. You may get in touch with Genesis Dela Torre of our NCR branch through numbers +632 6617112, 0917-6206425; or Mimi Fernandez of our Cebu office at +63 32 2602797 should you wish a briefing on the different training packages.

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